[Source] Cat Café - 15% off all products for Black Friday week

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  • We’ve finally launched our website at www.catcafe.is ! All information previously posted in this thread can be found there.


  • A splendid review from me!

    I decided after a bit of digging to order Anavar from Cat Café.
    The whole process, contact with them, getting the product shipped, payment, everything was so smooth and easy.

    Once I got my order I even tested it with a labmax uv test kit and it came out as anavar. I am aware that many people do not trust the kits and honestly I am not convinced of their use, but it turned out very much alike what it was supposed to, and I had previously tested something that I was told was oxandrolone and did not have the same good reaction. So just for an extra peace of mind I did it.

    I am excited to try the product out!
    5 stars from me.

  • Hi Cat Café,

    I just sent you an e-mail regarding an order I would like to place.

    Looking forward to your reply!


  • Have ordered two times so far, and I am very pleased with Liska’s response time, service and the product.

    E-Mails are answered almost instantly, shipping (in EU) was very fast, 2 Days T/A for me, Product worked as intended.

  • @juicyfatpowerlifter2 Thanks for the feedback! We’ve been rather quiet here due to working on some upgrades that we hope to show off this month finally!

    @juicyfatpowerlifter2 I don’t have any other way to contact you - I saw you were looking for trest ace, I actually have some in stock from PPL, send me a mail if you see this~

  • Hey thanks for reaching out, unfortunately my plans changed due to lockdown crap in my country. Can’t be sure that the gyms will be open over the winter time, so blasting right now would be kinda stupid. Maybe next winter 😕

    P.S.: Maybe get some trest e/d as well, daily pinning sucks 😁

  • What’s with the announcement on the site re: Operation Pangea XIV? I know about the original operation but I can’t find anything about a 2020 op online. Then again it would explain why my packages from India are being seized left right and centre. Is this an issue EU-EU though? AFAIK there are no customs checks

  • @Septicanon check the news section on Meso - SST seems about the only place where it’s not being talked about (yet).

  • One post by Jano with no accompanying evidence whatsoever corrrect me if I’m wrong?

  • @Septicanon Evidence may not be disclosed publically for opsec purposes, it’s up to the individual how to interpret that some pretty big sources have ceased shipping presently after independent research. For anyone currently planning to order from any source, I would suggest to ask about their experience during previous Pangea operations.

  • Ordered some of the hilma biocare TB-500 from them and had it shipped same day and recieved it in 5 days to UK so thats a good review from ms

  • Announcing some new products & sales!

    New in store:

    DHB Cypionate: 20ml vials at 125mg/ml
    Cialis (Tadalafil) 40mg
    Cialis (Tadalafil) 80mg
    Levitra (Vardenafil) 20mg
    Ketoconazole Cream 2% (UK domestic)
    Telmisartan 80mg (UK domestic)
    Ramipril 5mg (UK domestic)

    Winter weather sales (keeps these products cool):

    Insulin pens for 10-12€ & 50€ per box of 5
    HCG Ovitrelle 6500iu pens for 25€ (as an affordable alternative to HCG Pregnyl’s disappearance from EU pharmacies)
    HMG 75iu & 150iu for 20€ & 35€ respectively

  • Any lab reports for the new DHB? Havent come accross that UGL before

  • @Septicanon Not yet - that’s PharmasourceEU’s brand btw.

  • Any updates on your own brand oils? Also seen dianabol injectable any plans to stock anadrol injectable?

  • @Septicanon Finally in production now, hopefully available in time to give as a perfect christmas present. With the ongoing gym lockdowns and cancellation of BB shows, we’ve no plans to add niche products until springtime at least - the injectable Dbol won’t be restocked either once sold out.

  • All generic peptides (MT2, BPC-157, TB500, PT141) are now on sale for 12€ per vial as long as stock lasts!

  • Another good review from me, after my first order arriving all good I placed a 2nd larger order which came today, few more vials of hilma cares TB-500 and a meditrope mauvetop kit as well as some vials of their generic BPC-157 (which they through in an extra vial of for free) so look forward to trying it, 7DD to UK

  • @j32 Thanks for the review! Shipping times are starting to slow down as Black Friday and then Christmas are coming up so I’m starting to randomly add extras when I can to make up for the extra wait.

  • Any reviews or labs on your GH?

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