TEST E 250mg/mL 20ML $35 A PIECE, BUY 10 GET 10 FOR $300; 15% Discount does not apply

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  • @Lapulga69 Well I am going to be making lady var at 5mg but how popular is lady var? Like really? If I was a woman, I’d split about a third open and swallow it. Then its like I have 360 pills!

  • Imo I’d say lady var is more popular then regular var, I’m sure most guys opt for some big boi cycles, if I was a woman I’d do the same though 360 “pills” is quite a few cycles !

  • By the way, it feels so badass to draw your tren from a 100ml jugs. I just keep telling her once this jug is gone no more tren forever…but if I can get my hands on some jugs of tren base…well, she doesn’t need to know eh? Lmfao

  • Hello @BulKKing-Labs ,

    Since you are SoCo’s brewer do you still have Mig840 as an option? I’ve been using his/your test c/e mig840 20mL and it’s an absolute dream. No one else here on SST offers Mig as an option.

  • I get your concern. My coworker and I were talking about it and we are concerned about the 25% of people who get pain from it and like, paralyzing pain. However, I’m not in that 25% and I TOO love it. It’s just hard to come by and expensive. MCT you can but at your local grocery store. I am adding Mig to solutions such as Tren A which has 65.5% GSO and 34.5% Mig to make every day drawing better and smoother. Though this time I brewed the entire batch in
    GSO, I will brew 25% of the vials in pure Mig and see how those sell. I have pure Mig in test acetate, Dianabol injectable, Superdrol injectable, and pretty much anything else that’s short acting and need to be drawn quick. But I will again speak with my coworker and see what the best option is. How about half MCT half Miglyol? MCT is just so much cheaper and easier yon find but if our customers want it we well try to get it. The problem is that miglyol 840 to my knowledge is only sold from one site.
    If that site goes down. I may have to become a real chemist and turn MCT into Miglyol 840 (wonder how hard that is 🧐🤔).

  • @TooPoorForTren hahahahha the good ol’ “I promise I’ll get off the Tren once I hit my goal; my roid rage isn’t THAT bad so if you wouldn’t mind shutting the fucking the door behind you and not cry when I tell you you’re looking chubby , we would be fine me being on Tren”’hahahahha all of that’s not true(literally). But I act like a dick on it. No more Tren for me. Oh! Until I bee that Tren base I have. I don’t WANT IT TO CRASH so I have to buy guaiacol but would anyone be opposed to Tren suspension? I just have never done it and I’d someone who knows how to make
    The suspension could enlighten me, we could go that route with 0 Guaiacol.

  • @Lapulga69 I’ve seen 5mg lady Var and 10 lady Var which SoCo had but 10mg is a bit much for a lady. 10mg is actually a starting dose for men and some stay there.

  • @BulKKing-Labs holy shit Forreal? I heard 40-50 is more starting dose, planned to start at 40 and get to 50 but sheesh talk about overkill at 50 mg then

  • @Lapulga69 I’m not sure if there was sarcasm in that lol but if there was I was just repeating what someone who bought steroids on the streets a lot told me about loving the 25mg dosing because normally he would only see 10mg anavar. But that WAS one person so I could be absolutely wrong

    However!! This can be the platform for the possibility to see how many people would like to see 10mg Dianabol? I had a few people in the beginning talk about liking the smaller doses so they can titrate up and down. I’d probably offer 120 of them for $60. Now I know the 25mg is $80. So $20 less for 15mg less. Some of my costs are going up after I am verified and some are going down.

    Plus, it takes the same amount of time to make 6,000 Dianabol 25mg as it does to make 6,000 10mg dianabol.

  • @BulKKing-Labs

    I’m definitely interested in 25mg.

  • so I recieved my superdrol, I actually recieved more than I ordered which was nice lol but it was a bit crashed. however, it was really easy to uncrash with my heating pad.

    I tested 24mg (0.3mL) of it pwo and holy shit was it amazing. I’m currently cruising but my next cycle is going to be one for the books and I will definitely be utilizing this sdrol on certain days/weeks I plan to break strength records. I didn’t want my workout to end lol

  • @SonnSonn I just started some oral superdrol and noticed bulk king had an inj version. I’m really enjoying the oral after just about 5 days at 20mg ed, so I’m really excited to switch over to this one. At 80mg per ml I’ll prolly pin 10mg 2-3x per day (1 being pre workout). I usually hate inj orals because it’s just an extra cc on oil but at 0.125 ml per pin it will be nice, I may even try some sub q and see what happens.
    I’m on my last 4 weeks or so of tren from bulk king as well and I can definitely sayits some good shit. My plan this cycle was to recomp after covid but I’m feeling so good I decided to give superdrol a try to see if I can start working towards breaking old PRs. The extra strength on compound lifts and aggression has been insane. I guess it helps that I havent blasted in about 18 mi months

  • @Drbuffbagwell does your wickr hace the word “Irish” in it? I had blocked you. I was getting so fed up with last week: I had friends dying, a girlfriend yelling at me 24/7 for not dleaning the kitchen when I say I clean the lab to make us money (not smart to say by the way) and wasn’t having a good week. The guy who OD’d on heroin was like a best friend to me and it still hurts. Then arguing with you put me in a bad spot. But you are on wickr with the word “Irish” in it right? I’ll unblock you. I can be a BABY sometimes when it comes to taking too many steroids I know I shouldn’t lol

  • @BulKKing-Labs
    Cant create my own post but wanted to write a review, placed an order with bulkking and could not be happier, quick T/A and very responsive source. Will be a repeat customer!

  • Thank you @grandmaster1234 . Always great tonget a review and I hope them at the stuff is even better than the service!!!

  • Any chance you’ll make high concentration oils? Like 500mg/ml test or Deca at 20mL or 50mL?

  • @BulKKing-Labs I’ll leave a review here as well as another in the anecdote thread, why? This cat cares about his product and that should be celebrated. I’ve bought from mom and pop aas shops before but his felt different, unusual sure, but that’s not always a bad thing. I’ll admit I was weary to buy, 10 years on the sauce makes you skeptical and like I said he’s different than other sources but that’s his value prop. Unreal TA and unreal price. All you guys are so wrapped up in high concentration and pre workout injectables with no clue what that EO and Guac do to you. His commitment to his craft is admirable and you should buy from this MOFO.

    9.5/10, will make another post after more pins but the man already has plenty of anecdotes that his gear is g2g.

  • @ASAPBlocky Inappreciate your comments @ASAPBlocky very much. I’m sort of obsessed with chemicals and when those chemicals have to do with body-chemistry-alchemy , it’s on. I’ve only had 5 years juicing and 2 brewing but from what I learned is that there’s a reason they call these “cycles”. You shouldn’t run them long term (3 years straight unless on a cruise).
    My best improvements have been with smaller amounts and taken some time off. Restart that muscle memory

  • @BulKKing-Labs in at the point in breaking within psychopaths with you. Do not RLS we I BLOKED you because I’m am very busy and I’ve had liek 3’orn4 people die in my life and it happens so no I don’t feel bad. You wouldn’t leave me alone so I blocked you. This guy @Drbuffbagwell is a stalking pain that you have to stand up to if and unless you do he will talk your ears off. Be aware.

  • I had to quit the tren finally.

    Dropping down to cruise until spring time.

    Any updates on the test base/tren base pwo?

    Same with just regular tren base, any progress?

    Even though I am fking broke and unemployed aat the moment, I will sell some possessions so I can get a jug of test e and some delicious tren base for pwo. Lol.

    My tren cycle was insane man! My fiancee could not stop touching my body every night until she passed out, even when I was soaking wet in sweat and making the blankets all wet n shit. Haha juicy af!

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